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X-ray Machines for Cargo & Pallets

MVT-HR High Resolution Multi-View Tomography

The most advanced multi-view computed tomography and software technology in the industry pair up with unmatched high-resolution image quality in the revolutionary MVT-HR. The result: superior threat analysis and resolution. The MVT-HR meets the most stringent explosives detection standards of regulatory agencies worldwide.

Features include:
Screens up to 1,800 bags per hour.
Automatically adjusts to screen large objects, up to 250 cm (98.4 in) long.
Multiple independent X-ray sources, each with a different viewing angle to provide the best possible visibility.
Scatter Detection Enhancementâ„¢ technology provides superior automated detection of sheet explosives.
High-resolution view for superior imaging.
Photographic film-safe.


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Bigger? Better. L-3's PX-107 X-ray system is a perfect match for oversized items. With the largest tunnel size available for non-palletized freight, the PX-107 works overtime to screen irregularly shaped and bulky objects. L-3's hallmark imaging and X-ray inspection technologies bring the smallest details into focus, regardless of the size of the object being screened. The PX-107's display screen even magnifies smaller items, making it easier to detect fine details that might indicate a threat.


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The PX-231 offers all the advantages of L-3 technology, including high-quality imaging, the industry's most user-friendly operator interface, and networking capabilities. The result is consistently fast, accurate, and efficient screening and detection of weapons, narcotics, explosive, and other threats and contraband.


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ImagePX-160P Pallet Inspection System

The ACX 6.4 Automated Checkpoint X-ray System brings the power and performance once reserved for hold baggage systems to checkpoint screening. Blending L-3's advanced technology detection algorithms and high-clarity imaging, the ACX, with a tunnel opening of 640 mm (25.2 in) wide by 430 mm (16.9 in) high, scans briefcases, laptops, backpacks, packages and other small and medium-sized items with simultaneous X-ray imaging and advanced explosives detection technology to rapidly and accurately pinpoint explosives and other threats.

Features include:
Powerful X-ray source imaging performance and penetration
Dual-energy material discrimination
ScanGuard Option for demanding air cargo applications such as screening fresh produce
Available in three conveyor lengths
Multi-language support
Image Archiving


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