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Universal Studios

Universal Studios in Orlando, FL hired Security Detection in September 2010 to secure the park's main entrance for their popular and heavily attended Halloween Horror Nights.

Over a period of 45 days, Security Detection provided 20 walk through metal detectors and 20 hand-held security wands to help secure the park. A staff technician worked on-site each night to assist the client with any questions or issues that arose. The security metal detectors are designed to detect contraband and weapons - and deter people from attempting to bring these items to an event. No illicit weapons were detected during Halloween Horror Nights.

The security checkpoint and events were held outdoors, weatherproof tents covered all of the metal detectors. The tents were completely watertight, and they successfully protected the security checkpoints and guests passing through the entrance each night.

The crowds included families and teenagers, many of whom were wearing metal fashion accessories, such as studded belts and shoes. Despite the challenges this type of clothing presented, Security Detection was able to successfully and safely screen thousands of people entering the park.

Because the events took place mainly on weekends, the walk -through metal detectors were not set up the entire time. Security Detection was responsible for moving the metal detectors into place, calibrating the settings, testing to ensure proper operation and moving the equipment back into storage at the end of each night's events. Despite this continual set up and removal, all of the metal detectors functioned perfectly every time they were in use over the course of Halloween Horror Nights.

In addition to these services, Security Detection helped Universal Studios' staff set up and remove other aspects of the security checkpoint. Our commitment to clients includes providing knowledgeable, professional service and fully contributing to the safety and success of every event we secure.