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NFL Super Bowls XL, XLI, XLII, and XLIII

For the past five years, the National Football League has turned to the only company in the United States with the capacity and know-how to provide extra large-scale security metal detector rentals at the Super Bowl: Security Detection.

Security Detection's seven regional U.S. offices combine efforts to comply with this massive annual security request. Our team of experts spends two weeks on site, helping NFL coordinators and local authorities establish security checkpoints at multiple locations. For each Super Bowl, we supply and supervise all of the walkthrough metal detectors, handheld wands, and several baggage x-ray machines.

Every Super Bowl has presented unique challenges for Security Detection.

In 2010, Super Bowl XLIV took place at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. This year, logistics and the weather presented significant challenges. First, the NFL Pro Bowl was being held at the same venue the week before. Security Detection staff worked around that event, staging the entire assemblage of metal detectors and x-ray machines in proximity until the Pro Bowl was over and the equipment could be moved into position. Our staff successfully installed all equipment with about a week less time than normal.

In addition to the logistical workaround, Mother Nature provided her share of obstacles. South Florida had received large amounts of rainfall, so the terrain was already quite saturated. A few days before the Super Bowl, the skies opened up and a record-breaking 24-hour deluge hit Miami. Security Detection staff scrambled to elevate every piece of the large electronic equipment and keep it safe from the encroaching water that was flooding the security tents. Not a single piece of equipment was damaged, and security the day of the game was incident-free.

In 2009 for Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay, Security Detection staff was able to shift its extensive operations from high-profile jobs across the eastern seaboard (including multiple events in Washington, DC for President Obama’s inauguration) to Florida in time for the game. Over 80,000 attendees were screened without incident and Security Detection staff disassembled all detection equipment in record time.

Super Bowl XLII in Glendale Arizona was fully secured by Security Detection, but it was the mere presence of our security metal detectors that served as a deterrent. A man carrying a duffel bag loaded with an assault rifle and 200 rounds of ammunition entered the premises with the intention of staking a game-day massacre. Upon seeing the multitude of fully staffed metal detection equipment, the man lost his nerve. He later turned himself in and disaster was averted.

For Super Bowl XLI in Miami, the weather was very hot and humid in the days prior to the game, and our team worked feverishly to get the equipment up and running properly in those conditions. Game day went off without a hitch from a security standpoint, and afterward, Security Detection had every piece of equipment dismantled and evacuated in less than 24 hours.

On February 5, 2006, game day, we worked in somewhat opposite conditions. It was bitter cold and snowing in Detroit. With over 68,000 freezing fans needing to pass through security in tents around the stadium, the Security Detection team knew it was critical that the equipment was set up, calibrated and running perfectly. It was, and the event was a success (unless you were a Seattle Seahawks fan, who lost 21-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers).

The Super Bowl is one of the only U.S. sporting events to receive Level 1 National Security status from the Department of Homeland Security, the same status as official Presidential events. The NFL is a highly organized and extremely professional client. Security at the game must be flawless and impenetrable, and Security Detection knows how to accomplish that. Broadcast to millions of viewers around the world, the Super Bowl is an obvious target for terrorists. Security Detection is proud to be part of the team that has provided football fans with safe and secure Super Bowls for the past several years.