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NASA/Kennedy Space Center

For the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery, Kennedy Space Center hired Security Detection Metal Detectors to provide flawless event security screening equipment.

All NASA shuttle launches attract a large crowd, but this special event attracted more attendees than normal. To provide the additional security checkpoints required, Kennedy Space Center reached out to Security Detection – the first time that the Space Center had worked with an outside security vendor.

From our offices in Orlando, FL Security Detection delivered to Cape Canaveral, then assembled and calibrated ten Garrett PD 6500i Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors and ten Garrett SuperScanners.

The Garrett PD 6500i is an advanced, versatile and highly sensitive security metal detector used to pinpoint the exact location of concealed weapons and other contraband. The Garrett SuperScanner wands are extremely effective devices used to provide additional security screening. No illicit objects were discovered during the shuttle launch.

Security Detection staff installed and prepared the equipment the evening before the launch. Guests were screened as they arrived the next morning at the main visitor center entrance. All equipment was set up outdoors, so we provided custom rain covers as well.

The key to success in securing this event was Security Detection’s flexibility. Shuttle launches can be (and often are) delayed. NASA can make the decision to delay the launch up to the very last minute. This client required short notice, quick setup and same-day equipment removal, and Security Detection was able to provide these services seamlessly.

We communicated closely with Kennedy Space Center staff in order to be fully prepared for possible changes in the launch schedule. Our staff made it clear that they were ready on stand-by and would still be available if the launch was delayed.

Fortunately no delays were necessary and on February 24, 2011 Security Detection staff members were among the lucky onlookers to watch in awe as the space shuttle Discovery blasted off for the last time.

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