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NBA All-Star Game

For the National Basketball Association, the safety and security of its players and fans is paramount. This client seeks ironclad protection and unfailing reliability from its security vendors, and Security Detection has delivered both for six years in a row.

The 2010 NBA All-Star game was the largest event in NBA history. Over 95,000 people filled the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas Texas to watch the game. Related events at the nearby American Airlines Center took place throughout the weekend, requiring Security Detection to set up more than twice the number of security metal detectors normally needed for this event: 192 walkthrough metal detectors in all.

The key challenge this year arose not from the volume of equipment or multiple venues, however. Security Detection successfully transported to Dallas all of the metal detectors that had been used the previous weekend at the Super Bowl in Miami. Security Detection staff began dismantling its equipment in Miami on Monday morning, and had everything unpacked and ready for setup in Dallas on Wednesday. Throughout the weekend, security at each stadium went smoothly, and on Sunday nearly 100,000 people were safely and effectively screened for the marquis event.

The 2009 All-Star Game took place in Phoenix, Arizona at the ultramodern U.S. Airways Center and the nearby Phoenix Convention Center. Security Detection provided 62 walkthrough metal detectors and 80 handheld wands. Setup at the downtown Phoenix venues was labor-intensive and physically challenging. Because surrounding streets were closed for broadcast trucks and emergency vehicles, Security Detection staff had to manually cart many of the detectors long distances to designated access points at each venue.

Once all detectors were in place, Security Detection provided 24x7 security, screening guests and staff during the day and cleaning crews and other employees throughout the night. Each day the venues became progressively busier leading up to the All-Star Game. Security Detection informed venue management of congestion points and potential crowd flow problems and provided suggestions on how and where to reroute thousands of incoming fans.

Security Detection not only set up, calibrated, tested, operated, and dismantled its own metal detectors, but the company also helped manage the client’s own machines. At the Convention Center, where the NBA Jam Session was being held (a very popular event that caters to children and families), the client asked Security Detection to calibrate, test, and monitor 40 walkthrough metal detectors owned by the NBA. This was only the second time that the NBA had hired an outside vendor to operate its metal detectors, and the client was pleased with Security Detection’s work.

After the events were over, NBA officials informed Security Detection that security during All-Star weekend had gone “smoother than ever,” and that there had not been a single complaint from any of the tens of thousands of guests who had been screened.