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Republican Presidential Debate

On May 15, 2007, Columbia, South Carolina hosted the second nationally televised debate among Republican candidates seeking the presidential nomination. Organizers contracted Security Detection to secure this high-profile event. The debate was held at Koger Auditorium at the University of South Carolina, which can hold around 2,300 people.

There were ten political candidates, over 500 media personnel representing 15 countries, and about 1,700 audience members, including many VIPs. Everyone in attendance except the candidates was required to pass through a security checkpoint.

The audience entered through the front of the building, where Security Detection assembled and supervised ten walkthrough detectors and handheld security wands. The candidates and media entered through the rear of the auditorium, where we had two additional walkthrough detectors and wands set up. With this equipment we were able to get the media members many of whom were carrying laptops, microphones, cameras, and other electronics into the building to do their job quickly.

Although the client did not request x-ray machines for this event, Security Detection was able to provide fast, expedient security service with the combination of the walkthrough detectors and handheld wands. The walkthrough units allowed the audience members and media to undergo their security checks quickly, and the organizers were able to fill the auditorium without incident by the time the broadcast began.

The client asked Security Detection to remove all security equipment by the time the event was over so the audience could conveniently leave through the same entrance. Our team was able to comply with this request, disassembling and removing all twelve walkthrough units in under an hour and a half.

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